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Movie, drama, animation, comics, game, music, etc...
It has become an era that people can enjoy different kinds of entertainment easily at anytime in anywhere.

On the other hand, Live entertainment which means people have to spare their time and go to the venue to watch the show, has been revalued. There is no other thing can impress and surprise the audience more than real live experience.
The rapid development of technologies merges virtual world and real world. This brings a revolution to live entertainment.

LATEGRA,Inc is a team of professionals who have various skills and different values.
We create impressive experiences which are made from Japanese origin sense of beauty since the era of Ukiyo-e and Japanese pictures with the technology of VR, AR, and MR to the world.

We are a hyper real creative team, LATEGRA,Inc.

There is exciting experience no one has met yet waiting for you.

Ryuji YamagataCEO/ProducerRyuji Yamagata



He born in Tokyo in 1960.
From 1998 to 2007, he directed and produced the stage and performance of numerous fighting events including Mixed Martial Arts Event "PRIDE".
From 2009, he was in charge of the overall production of "Nico Nico Grand Council" which was organized by Dwango.
In 2010, he set up Lateensail Japan Ltd.
In 2011, he was reponsible for the overall planning, design and construction of Nicofarre, a live house of Dwango that located in Roppongi. He applied the latest AR system in Nicofarre--- a live space with 360 degree LED.
From 2013 he was the event advisor and image director of "ONE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP", Asia No. 1 MMA fighting event.
In 2015, he joined Livegraphics Inc., a company specialized in VR / AR technology as Chairman of the board of director.

In 2016, he was responsible for the technical support and production of "Super Kabuki" (Nakamura Shido, Hatsune Miku / ACC Interactive Division Bronze Award) at "Nikoniko Super Conference 2016". A successful is marked in histroy for the first collaboration of Japanese traditional arts, Kabuki and virtual singer Hatsune Miku.
In 2017 he was responsible for the technical production of 'Super Kabuki Flower Street Dictionary (Kuruwa Wordsho Hashikaga Mimi)' as the second work at 'Niconico Super Conference 2017'.
In May 2017, "LATEENSAIL & LIVEGRAPHICS Inc." is founded to integrate the business of Lateensail Japan and Livegraphics and can provide one stop service from event planning and production to technical support.
In July 2018, the company name was changed into LATEGRA, Inc.



HEAD OFFICE LOCATION Harumi 4 chome building 3F 4-1-1 Harumi Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0053

URL https://lategra.com/
FOUNDED 2017/5/26
MAIN BUSINESS Planning and creation of entertainment contents, events, CG, movie. AR, VR, MR
CAPITAL Capital 220,851,828 yen
Capital reserve 217,851,827 yen
REPRESENTATIVE Representative Director Ryuji Yamagata
Board Director Kunihito Saruki
Board Director Keiko Sato
Board Director Seiji Sugimoto
MAIN CLIENTS Shanghai Henian Information Technology Co Ltd
DWANGO Co., Ltd.